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3 Springs Mountain Park Ground Uno Logo

Ground Uno is a Training Venue for programs centered on outdoor skills enhancement and disaster preparedness. Minimum 30 pax.

Outdoor Survival Skills

  1. Orienteering and Navigation

  2. Pioneering Craft

  3. Outdoor First Aid

  4. Ropemanship

Emergency Medical Response

  1. Wound Management, Control Bleeding, MS Injuries Management,

  2. Basic Life Support (BLS), Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Casualty Evacuation,

  3. Mass Casualty Incident, Incident Command System

  4. Bonus: Small Units Tactics (SUT)


Rope Rescue & Rappelling

  1. Knot-Tying, Equipment Fam

  2. Tactical Rappelling, Rope Rescue, Rope Bridge

  3. Mountain Rescue

Airsoft Practical Shooting

  1. Airsoft Practical Shooting

  2. Rifle Markmanship

Airsoft Rifles included


✓ Program Design and Supervision

✓ Facilitators

✓ Activity Materials & Supplies

✓ Safety Team

✓ Evaluation

✓ Meal as indicated


Php 1,100

Php 1,100

Php 1,100

Php 1,700

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