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6 Reasons Why Camping is Good for You

It's no secret outdoor activities boosts our systems and improves our overall mood, but camping in particular has high value benefits.

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1. Bonfires & stargazing

Picture this: roasting your marshmallows over the bonfire while under the starry night, then you take a bite of your s’mores. Sigh. Or maybe you want something simpler like hotdogs and kamotes. Just bring your sticks and we will light up the bonfire at your go signal.

Look up and you’re gazing at the twinkling night sky. Before you know it all the stresses of city life fades away

2. Unleash the girlscout/ boyscout in you

Setting up camping tents is not as easy as it looks, more so fitting all your things inside. For a minute you’re faced with the choice of deciding what you really need for the overnight stay. Sleeping bags, medicine kit, clothes… What else?

We admit our camping area is clean and manicured, perfect for guests who wish to experience nature with just the right amount of discomfort. .

3. Helps with sleep

Camping is a good detox for those who find it difficult to sleep at night because of artificial light exposure. Being more aware of the natural light-dark cycle may help reset your biological clock especially when your tech use will be limited. You’ll be too absorbed in your surroundings to even remember to check your social media for a couple of hours.

4. More physical exercise

Walking and – more walking! The Park is spacious and will require some short walking to get from one place to another. We invite you to bring your ball games for that much needed outdoor exercise.

5. Vitamin D exposure

You’ll be woken up early in the morning by the sound of birds (and your need to use the bathroom), and the sun will be just around the corner, ready to greet you a good morning as you exit the tent. So, remember to apply sunscreen!

6. Great Outdoors

Maybe you sense it right away or at midnight when you’re already snuggled in your sleeping bag, the realization of how small you are in this world. It’s in this moment you truly feel connected with the rest of creation: the trees, the wind, the animals. And there’s something very humbling about that.

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